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Problem with redaxo install

Verfasst: 11. Okt 2018, 14:01
von jhamond987

I'm trying to install redaxo cms on my litespeed server. In the install routine of redaxo is a test that a directory is not reachable.
I enabled the .htaccess but i still get an empty page if i try to reach a page in the folder and not an error page.
order deny,allow
deny from all

I still can open files in that folder....

any ideas how i can install redaxo?



Re: Problem with redaxo install

Verfasst: 13. Okt 2018, 22:13
von Thomas.Skerbis
REDAXO has not been tested for use with Litespeed. Originally developed for Apache environment, it also supports NGINX. If you find a way, we would be happy to receive further information.